The resort of Albena with its 5 km long and 150 m wide beach is lying in a picturesque bay only 30 km from Varna and 502km north-east of Sofia. Albena is an ecological resort. The rare combination of fresh air, crystal clear sea and mineral water, remedial herbs, various natural products and perfectly organised Medical and Spa Centre make Albena a perfect location for family holidays. Most of the hotels have a terraceline structure with well-projected stories. The concept of this architecture is getting more sun in summer days. The resort has three camping sites –Albena, International and Ekzotika, which offer great opportunities for housing tourists and holidaymakers. The river of Batov is interesting with its location in a natural forest. To the north the shore is steep, formed of the yellow sandstone and limestone typical of the area. It is these stone slopes that gave the material for building the resort.
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