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Golden Sands resort

Golden Sands, North Black Sea coast

The resort of Golden Sands is the largest one on the northern Black Sea coast. It is situated 18km north-east of Varna, 488km east of Sofia. It is bounded on the north by Kranevo and on the south by Chaika (Seagull) villa, and merges with the resort of St.St. Konstantin and Elena.
The mineral waters, the warm sea and the wonderful beach as well as the marvelous deciduous wood turn the resort into one of the pearls of the Bulgarian coast Its beach strip is 3,5 km long and 100 m wide at some places and is covered with fine golden sand.
The constant temperature of 27oC and microclimate of Golden Sands throughout the season, making it a wonderful place for having a rest and fun.


The resort of Golden Sands disposes of 61 hotels and 3 villas. The predominant hotel category is that of three-star standard. Most of the hotels have swimming pools and fitness halls, balneo-centers and exchange bureau.
There is a profusion of restaurants offering different kinds of specialties of the national and international cuisine (Chinese, Indian, German, English, Greek and Arab). Folk-style taverns, snack-bars and cafeterias are scattered all over the resort and along the coastline. The rich assortment of Bulgarian red and white wines and brandies is a refreshing addition to the menu.
We recommend the traditional "Izvora", "Chanovete" and "Sheepfold" restaurants for a taste of typical Bulgarian dining. "Vodenitsata", "Tsiganski Tabor", "Kosharite", "Zlatna Ribka", "Kriva Lipa" and "Dionisius" are of particular appeal for their design, cuisine and entertainment programmes.


The following functions are held here: the Strongest Man festival, Miss and Mister “Golden Sands” competition, competitions for all breeds of dogs, Satellite tennis tournament, old-fashioned auto rally, International Festival for Standard and Sport Dances, etc.

The cultural and information center in the complex offers a rich and versatile concert program, folk music performances and shows in the open. It organizes exhibitions of Bulgarian artists, courses in Bulgarian language, folk songs and dances, vanguard fashion shows.

The latest attraction in Golden Sands is Aquapolis , the new water park, which is just 5 minutes drive from the main promenade. It's a great alternative to the beach, especially if you've got kids.

The shops in Golden Sands provide mainly tourist essentials at budget prices so there's little for anyone with more luxurious tastes. If it’s serious shopping you would like to do, head into Varna, which offers shops from the very quaint and interesting to the usual supermarket places.

With nightfall, an endless fiesta of light, sound and night entertainment begins at Golden Sands. Variety shows amid exotic atmosphere, splendid cuisine and exquisite drinks - and gradually you join in the party under the stars.
Those who enjoy being thrilled can try their luck in the casinos. Roulettes, slot machines, black jack and many more games of luck will provoke the gambling spirit you have never suspected you have.
If you feel like dancing, modern nightclubs along the beach will be the place for you. Bonkers, ZigZag, Pr. , Malibu and Roxy are the biggest clubs, the visitors in the clubs are varying from day to day.
And finally your night can end with a cocktail at one of the numerous small beach bars.


There are at your disposal: 10 tennis courts, bowling hall, mini-golf playground, open-air fitness area, house-racing arena, cycling alleys, bow shooting grounds, indoor and outdoor pools. And good conditions for practising all sorts of water sports with the assistanance of licensed coaches. Activities such as scuba diving, waterskiing and paraskiing are offered by kiosks along the beach. Sports lovers can take part in tournaments in beach volleyball, street ball, court and table tennis, yachting.

For children

Golden Sands resort organizes for your children many sports competitions, games and other pleasant occupations, discotheques and unforgettable meetings with their favourite characters from puppet shows. At the children’s sports centers they can ride ponies and shoot with bows. There is also computer and electronic games, children’s railways, inflatable castles, Rolba slide, water toboggans and children’s karting.

Spa conditions

There are four particularly valuable mineral springs. Several balneotherapy and fitness centers have been established . Offers over 100 different kinds of medical services, combined with various treatment and recuperation programs.
The resort s natural factors are utilized here all year round - specific climate, clean air, ultraviolet radiation, sea water, abounding in salts and microelements, curative mud and different kinds of herbs. Arthritis, arthroses, stress, neuroses, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma, etc. are successfully treated at balneotherapy centers.

Surrounding Areas

The entire resort has abundant lush vegetation with numerous bushes and trees, resembling a real park.

Frangen Plateau – Bordering the resort are the marvellous woods of the plateau which can be enjoyed by walking or cycling.

Alaja Rock Monastery - It is situated only a few kilometers above the resort and is also a part of the Zlatni Pyasatsi Natural Park (Golden Sands Natural Park). It was built in the 12th century nestled on a steep rock, only a very few of the frescoes are still preserved but it is well worth a visit. A small museum is housed next to the monastery.

City Gardens – Varna – Home to the Old Clock Tower, from here one can walk through the residential quarters of the town along streets dotted with chestnut trees.

Marine Gardens – Varna – A visit to these gardens will have the children in awe and occupied for hours with the Natural History Museum, Planetarium, zoo and aquarium. You may be fortunate enough to see the dancing bears.

Relatively close to Golden Sands (about 30 km.) is also the town of Balchik with its beautiful palace and botanic garden.

Tips and Warnings

Credit cards are not easily accepted at restraurants, so you must use cash. Travelers cheques are also not easily converted or accepted. Exchange money only in banks not in exchange bureaus (you will know the exchange bureaus from the big signs "CHANGE" in front of them). Also the guys who change money very cheaply are really something to avoid. There are many banks in Golden Sands so changing money won't be a problem.

Be careful with the gypsies. They are very quick and thay can pick-pocket you in half a second. They usualy go in groups and make a crowd around you to distract your attention. Except that there aren't many things to be afraid of.

As Golden Sands is situated on a hillside, the hotels (except those on or very near to the beach) are reached by sloping paths or steps. Elderly clients, or people with walking or breathing difficulties, should bear this in mind when selecting accommodation.


The transfer time from Varna airport to the Golden Sands resort is 30 minutes.
There are several ways of getting here by bus from Varna : #9 from in front of the Cathedral to the Riviera Holiday Club; #109 from the train station or in front of the Cathedral to the administration building, or #409 from the airport to the administration building.
Transport between Golden Sands and Varna is remarkably well organised. Apart from the regular bus lines connecting the resort to the city and also to its airport, there are a lot of minibuses, private route taxis and ordinary taxis. Because of intense competition, fares are moderate.

A minitrain service circulates around town and is almost essential for those not staying in beachside accommodation.

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