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Aladzha Monastery

Golden Sands, North Black Sea coast

The Aladzha Monastery is one of the many medieval rock monasteries found in the northeastern part of Bulgaria.
It was inhabited by hermits in the 13th - 14thc. It is situated in a beautiful woodland about 17 kilometers from Varna. The name ALADZHA has Turkish origin, meaning PATTERNED.
The monastery rooms were cut out on two levels in the almost 40-meter high limestone rock.

At the most eastern side of the first level is the entrance of the monastery. At the far end of the entrance hall, behind a stone wall, part of which still exists was the crypt (tomb). Left to the entrance there is a cut in the rock staircase, leading to an inside corridor and to the refectory, the kitchen and six monks cells. Immediately above the entrance and the crypt there was a chapel. Westwards, the corridor reaches a narrow passage leading through a stone staircase to the Minster. Similar to other Orthodox churches this one has also been decorated with frescoes, but unfortunately most of them are damaged.
The second level of the monastery was a natural niche hosting the chapel in its east side.

A group of caves known as the Catacombs stand at 600-700 m west to the monastery.The archeological finds:pottery, coins, graffiti and others give evidence that the Catacombs were inhabited in the Early Christianity period (4th-6th c).Later, through the 13th-14th c.,Aladzha Monastery and the Catacombs were made parts of a larger monastic complex.
Probably, life in Aladzha Monastery declined when Bulgaria fell under the domination of the Turks in the end of the 14th century.
The monastery was opened as museum and tourist site in 1906.The site was declared national antiquity and national monument of culture.

Find out more about Aladzha Monastery at BulgariaMonasteries.Com

Uzun cum beach

Nearby the monastery one can see the Uzun cum beach (Long beach). It is a magnificent place, 2 km long. This site is gifted by nature with splendid opportunities for medical treatment due to the nearness of the sea, the lovely forest and the unique climate.

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