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Bulgaria Guide - Assenovgrad

Town, Plovdiv region

Situated at the foot of the Chernatitsa (Karabalkan) elevation, along the banks of the Chepelarska River, the beautiful town of Assenovgrad is a convenient starting point for a tour to the Western Rhodopes and especially to the Dobrostan Massif and Chernatitsa, which starts from Pamporovo and reaches the Thracian Lowland. There are ...
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Historical site, Plovdiv region

It is situated about 2 km away from Assenovgrad on a steep rocky ridge hanging over the Assenitsa River. The fortress is known from the historical sources as Petrich, Stenimachos or Scribencion. Its present name, given by the local population, was gradually publicly accepted after the national Liberation in 1878. The best-preserved ...
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Museum, Plovdiv region

The Museum was founded in 1971, in a building originally constructed in 1895 as the Officers' Club. It features 1000 exhibits on an area of 200 sq.m., distributed in three exhibition halls and three sections.
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