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Atanasovo lake


Atanasovsko Lake is situated to the north of the town of Bourgas. It is a hyperhaline coastal lake. The nature around is incredible - charming greenery, fresh air, great diversity of flora and fauna. Many of the plant and animal species are under protection. This is the major reason for the establishment of a national reserve on this territory (its northern part). Its southern part is a buffer zone. The Atanasovsko lake is a salt lake. Salt has been produced here since 1906.

Flora & Fauna

More than 233 plant species are found in the lake’s area. The most typical ones are the Glasswort, Broadleaf Bulrush, Black Sea Lavender.
Atanasovsko Lake is one of the richest areas in Bulgaria from ornithological point of view. Over 300 bird species occur in the area of all 400 species found in Bulgaria. Twelve of these 300 species are globally endangered: Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, Red-breasted Goose and Corncrake. Seventeen bird species breeding in Atanasovsko Lake are listed in Bulgaria’s Red Book: Avocet, Tern, Little Tern, Mediterranean Gull, Slender-billed Tern. Atanasovsko Lake is situated on the migratory flyway Via Pontica which determines the wide variety of breeding species. The largest number of birds is usually observed during the fall migration.
The smallest mammal living in Europe, the Shrew, is also an inhabitant of the lake. Other rare mammals occurring in the lake’s area are the European Otter, the European Wild Cat, Vole. Atanasovsko Lake is the northernmost habitat of this species.


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The town of Bourgas (population: 210 260) is the second district centre on the Black Sea coast. It is situated in the farthest western part of Bourgas bay and is 390 km east of Sofia. Due to the low level of the coast there are three lagoon-lakes: Atanasovo lake, Bourgas Lake and Mandra lake. The town is situated between the sea ...
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The Art Gallery of Bourgas ranks among one of the oldest in Bulgaria. It is located in the former Jewish synagogue, a remarkable architectural monument built in the period from 1905 to 1910 by Ricardo Toscani, an Italian architect. It was originally founded in 1945 with the joint participation of prominent public figures, artists ...
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Address: Bourgas, Primorski Park mobile.0888-59-49-13 mobile.0898-57-55-46 mobile.0898-30-23-18 Music: HOUSE & DANCE Hot HITS Entrance Fee: 2 Lv. Non-smoking room, Parking, Terrace, Air Condition, Face Control, TV, TAXI, Number of seats: 300
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Address: BOURGAS, 15, "KHAN KROUM" Str. mobile 0898-750-151 mobile 0889-815-853
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Entertainment site,

The park is situated on a hill next to the coast, and is rich in flowers, trees and sculptures. Within the park there is a casino, a small zoo and an open-air theatre, which houses the annual International Folklore Festival, and where participants in the Golden Orpheus Pop-Festival perform.
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This is one of the best Nature Centres in Bulgaria. The building is situated at the south end of Bourgas, on the main road to Sozopol and Malko Tarnovo. There is a good permanent exhibition. In case you are interested, a qualified guide could introduce you to the nature of that region. You can watch the birds around from the balcony ...
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In 1951 the Fishing and Hunting Association in Bourgas town opens a temporary exhibit, consisting of 600 exponents: minerals, fossils, birds and mammals. In 1974 as a result of a botanical expedition to Strandja and Sakar Mountains and Black Sea coast the collection of exhibits enlarges with vertebrates. On 23.05.1985 the Museum ...
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