Bankya, Sofia region

The town

Bankya is a well-known health resort. It is situated in the green foothills of the Lyulin Mountain at an altitude of 630-640 m., 17 km away from the Bulgarian capital Sofia.
Bankya balneo treatment resort is a resort of international importance, developed as a resort for rehabilitation of cardio-vascular conditions with highly specialized functional diagnostics. It offers an excellent infrastructure for tourism, recreation and treatment. There are 2 spa medical centres, summer beach, hydrothermal pools, situated in large picturesque park, policlinics with specialized diagnostics wards, modern sanatoriums, rest houses, cozy hotels, terrain tracks, sport terrains, as well as private lodgings.
Successfully are applied pre- and post- operative rehabilitation of children suffering from congenital heart diseases. The balneomedical building is one of the most impressive buildings in the resort. This is due to its unique architecture and partly to the modern medical equipment of the dozens of diagnostical and remedial cabinets, serving thousands of people every day. Most attractive is the remedial basin. The first physio-prophylactical ground in the country is here. Specialized physicians and methodologists in curative physical training help dozens of ill people to revive their shaken health.

The beautiful nature, the favourable climate, the curative mineral waters and the excellent resort infrastructure contribute to the development of Bankya as a prestigious national and international resort and, ecological reserve of Sofia.

Spa conditions

The balneological and climate factors of the resort of Bankya, as well as the long scientific and medical surveys define the resort suitable for treatment of:
• Cardio-vascular diseases
• Functional diseases of the nervous system
• Metabolic disturbances
• Prophylaxis
• Body hardening

Folklore tourism

Every year in the second half of July the town of Bankya is the host of the international seminar for Balkan folklore - Balkanfolk. The participants, who come from all over the world, learn Bulgarian folklore dances, play the traditional instruments: gaida, kaval, gadoulka, tamboura and tapan and, sing Bulgarian folklore songs. The programme of the workshops include folklore dances of the other Balkan countries.


In the resort of Bankya there are numerous opportunities for entertainment. You can go to the capital of Sofia see its landmarks and surrounding areas. During the archeological excavations in the region of Bankya many years ago remains of churches, ceramics and coins dating from the Roman times have been found. Very interesting are the church “St. St. Kiriak and Julita” and the “St. Petka” Monastery situated in the place of Klisura. In the region of Bankya there are lots of eco tracks. 20 km from the town is situated the Divotinski Monastery.