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"Banski Aiduti" tavern

Bansko, Bansko & Pirin mountain

The “Banski Aiduti” tavern is located in the central part of the town of Bansko. Since it was opened, the tavern has become one of the most popular places in the town. It disposes of 150 seats.
The tavern is furnished in the typical for the region of Bansko old-fashioned style. The ventilation system enables you to feel cozily and comfortably during your stay here.
You can enjoy the delicious grilled dishes, prepared in accordance to old Bulgarian recipes. The meals of the master-chef, combined with selected wines and seasoned brandy, will gratify even the most discriminating taste of clients.
For the total satisfaction of the visitors, the “Banski Aiduti” tavern offers an unique folklore program.
The tavern accepts reservations for family occasions.


  • Kehlibar – 50 ml – 2.00 BGN
  • Bourgas 63 – 50 ml – 2.00 BGN
  • Yambolski Muscat – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN
  • Suhindolska special – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN
  • 12 years old Slivenska perla – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN
  • Troyanska plum brandy – special selection – 50 ml – 4.00 BGN
  • Peshterska selection – 50 ml – 4.00 BGN


  • Grandfather’s tortuosity – 50 ml –1.50 BGN
  • Sungurlarska grape brandy – 50 ml – 1.50 BGN
  • Straldjanski Muscat – 50 ml – 1.50 BGN


  • Katino meze appetizer – 4.80 BGN
  • Sache – 8.00 BGN
  • Keramidka – 6.00 BGN


  • Sudjuk – 4.80 BGN
  • Pork ribs – 4.50 BGN
  • Fillet in caul with stuffing – chicken/pork – 6.50 BGN
  • Haidouk skewer with garnish – chicken/pork – 9.00 BGN


  • Fried trout – 4.50 BGN
  • Grilled trout – 4.50 BGN
  • Trout in foil – 4.50 BGN
  • Stuffed trout – 5.50 BGN
  • Crumbed white fish – 5.20 BGN


  • Bansko style choumlek
  • Baked piglet
  • Baked haidouk lamb
  • Stewed rabbit
  • Lamb specialties


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Amid the authentic period settings you are welcome to enjoy the tasty dishes prepared by old haidouk recipes, select wines and heady rakia ! Bunare Tavern seats 80 people indoors on a 2-level area, part of the seats are in separate rooms ( odayi ) providing you with an opportunity to celebrate or hold business meetings in comfortable ...
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