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Bulgaria Guide - cities


The town of Bourgas (population: 210 260) is the second district centre on the Black Sea coast. It is situated in the farthest western part of Bourgas bay and is 390 km east of Sofia. Due to the low level of the coast there are three lagoon-lakes: Atanasovo lake, Bourgas Lake and Mandra lake. The town is situated between the sea ...
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City, Plovdiv region

The town of Plovdiv (376 276 inhabitants, 160 m above sea level), is situated in the western part of the Upper Thracian valley. The town is located 150 km from Sofia, 19 km from Assenovgrad, 102 km from Smolyan, 90 km from Stara Zagora. It ranks as the second Bulgarian city in population and size after the capital.
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City, Sofia region

The Bulgarian capital Sofia (population: 1 182 698 inhabitants) is located in the Sofiisko pole, 550 m above the sea level and occupies a territory of 1, 311 sq. km. Sofia lies at the distance of 55 km. from the Serbian border at Kalotino checkpoint, at 113 km from the Gyushevo checkpoint with Macedonia, at 183 km. from the Greek ...
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City, North Black Sea coast

The city of Varna – population 325137, is situated in the Bay of Varna, 470 km east of Sofia. Varna is the biggest city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Varna's length is over 11 km, its width including the new residential district in nearly 9km. The city stands in tiers and follows the curves of the Bay of Varna. It is surrounded ...
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