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Bulgaria Guide - etnographic centres

Etnographic centre, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

The village of Arbanassi (population: 310 inhabitants) is one of the most picturesque old settlements in Bulgaria. It is situated in the rocky plateau of the same name, 4 km northeast of the town of Veliko Turnovo. With its monumental National Revival architecture (16 – 17 c.) and marvelous nature Arbanassi attracts thousands of ...
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Etnographic centre, North Black Sea coast

The historic – ethnographic complex of proto – Bulgarian village of “Fanagoria” is a unique active museum in open in the country. The complex is counterfeit of proto – Bulgarian battle camp of 6 – 8 th century and includes wood protected walls with battle towers, equipped jurta (ancient Bulgarian margull), active craft work – shops, ...
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Etnographic centre, Plovdiv region

This is one of the oldest European towns contemporary to Òroya and Mikena. It has been existing as a settlement about 8000 years ago, and became a town 3000 years ago during the Troyan war. There are very well preserved artifacts of the Bulgarian Revival architecture – a variety of archeological memorials from Thracian, Romanian ...
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