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Bulgaria Guide - Kazanlak

Cultural center, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

The town of Kazanluk is located in the gorgeous Valley of Roses at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. The natural geographical centre of Bulgaria is just here where the roads of domestic and international tourist routes cross each other. The town is at about 200 km. east of Sofia, 55 km. east of Karlovo, 48 km. south of Gabrovo and ...
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Natural phenomenon, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

To visit Bulgaria and not go to the Valley of Roses is to go to Egypt and not see the pyramids. The Valley of Roses is in the very heart of the country and is shielded by the high slopes of two majestic mountain ranges - the Balkan and Sredna Gora. The rose, the queen of flowers, has been focusing the attention of people since ...
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Monument, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

One of the most famous monuments of Thracian culture, included in the World Register of Historical Sites, in 1979, was discovered in 1944. A corridor, 1. 95 m in length, 1. 12 m in width and 2. 24 m in height leads to a domed tomb, 3. 25 m in height and 2. 65 m in diameter at the base.The building material is brick, used two centuries ...
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