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Natural history museum - Pleven

Pleven, North Bulgaria

A hot sea, called Venna's basin existed part of the Neogene in Central and Southeastern Europe. A great variety of algae, mollusks, Echinodermats and others organisms lived in its pure and hot waters. The sea offered a perfect habitat even for corals, which left uncountable fossils near Pleven. The rich species variety is specified in the work of Ph. D. Koundjieva’s, a scientist from Geological institute in BAS and is represented in the Museum of Paleontology and Historical Geology in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” huge fossil collection. The fossils near Vienna are well studied. The paleontological treasure of the sea included more then 1000 fossilized species of mussels and snails, recognized by scientist from Vienna. That is why the basin is called Vienna's, even though it covered a vast territories. In Bulgaria it’s sediments can be found near Vidin, Vratsa and Pleven. The fossil sites near Pleven are under the protection of the law and are regarded as nationally important landmark. Up to the east, the sea reached the Caspian region, Kavkas and Crimean peninsula. The sea branch in these territories is characterized with less saltiness, because full-flowing rivers from the Russian plain infused their waters in it. The collection in the Pleven’s Paleontology Museum represents well, numerous species from that geological period. The samples are gathered by students and scientists. It also includes precious mammal fossils from Pliocene and Pleistocene (from bears, elephants). The Pleistocene flora is presented with enviously well preserved variety.

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Town, North Bulgaria

The town of Pleven is located in the central part of the Danubian plain, past the Vit river. It has 137 768 inhabitants. The town is situated at a distance of 174 km. to the north – east of Sofia, at the distance of 35 km. to the north of Lovech, at the distance of 55 km. to the south – east of Nikopol, at the distance of 146 km. ...
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Museum, North Bulgaria

The most important and remarkable thing when you visit Pleven is the Panorama hall. Nowadays there are 33 panoramas all over the world. One of them with the biggest dimensions is constructed in Pleven, about 170 km to the north-west of Sofia. Pleven is one of the largest Bulgarian towns with a millennium history and full of historical ...
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