Panichishte, Borovets & Rila mountain

The resort is located in the Rila Mountain at 1,400 m above sea level near the town of Separeva Bania Regular transportation is also available from Sapareva Banya and departs from the Tourists Information Center. The resort has hotel options to suit all types of tourist, many with fine bars and restaurants. Be sure to visit the Rila National Park Visitors Center located in the resort.

The resort operates all year round. There are Alpine ski-tracks for sleigh contests.

Ski Runs in Panichishte

Panichishte is equipped with the following ski runs:
"Bekyara" - 470m. equipped with a tow rope with a capacity of 280 people/hour. Base located directly across from Restaurant Eleniite.

  • "Ajdena" - Ski slope of 400meters and tow rope with a capacity of 250 people/hour. Includes the children's "Baby Ski Run"!
  • Cross-Country Distance Training Run - Located just below the Dry Lake training area. This run will soon be equipped with shooting platforms for biathlon training.
  • From Pionerska Lodge: - 400 meter ski run with tow rope of 350 people/hour capacity.
  • Natural sledding run - 1130meters.
  • From 7 Lakes Lodge: - 300 meter ski run with a tow rope with 250 people/hour capacity.
  • From Rila Lakes Lodge: - 950 meter ski run with a tow rope with 700 people/hour capacity.