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“St. Trinity” church

Rousse, North Bulgaria

The church “St. Trinity” is the oldest building in the town of Rousse, survived in the centuries. It was built in 1632. In 1764 the temple was built again, and in 1797 it was mural. There are some suggestions that the temple was erected over Christian catacomb or over Medieval Bulgarian church. The building is with a nave and two aisles. The church is dug in the ground in four and a half meters and there are 22 steps leading to its interior. The iconostasis was made in 1807 and is very rare because it is with painted wood - carvings. The icons there are placed a year later. They were made in Moscow.

When metropolitan Grigorii was ruling the temple, there were built and two chapels. In one of them there are preserved an old – press books, an ancient icons and church plates. The belfry of the church was built after the Liberation. Now there are five bells, and the oldest one is since 1899. The building is thanks to Zafir Saraglu donation.

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