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Chapel “St. Zosim”

Sozopol, North Black Sea coast

Chapel “St. Zosim” is built in 1857 in the park of the town of Sozopol, over the ruins of a mediaeval church. St. Zosim was said to be a martyr born in the town of Sozopol, Bulgaria. Indeed, he was born in a town called Sozopol, also known as Apolonia in the antiquity, but that town was in Pisidia (Asia Minor). Over the centuries the two towns led an undeclared war for the honor to be pointed as the birthplace of the martyr. There is no doubt that the citizens of the mediaeval town of Sozopol have taken the patronage of St. Zosim, using the doubling of the names of the two towns. The greatest treasure of the chapel “St. Zosim” is an icon painted by the great master Dimitar of Sozopol. It also treasures many icons from the second half of the XIX century.
There is a built-in marble gravestone in the front part of the temple “St. Zosim”, which dates back from the V century B.C. It is dedicated to the wife of an Apolonian citizen. The inscription on the grave explicitly indicates that the woman was from the town of Amphypolis (there can still be found ruins of it in the vicinity of Kavala, Greece). Obviously the Apolonian has met his wife while traveling around the world as a young sailor. They probably loved each other very much because the gravestone of the woman is covered with many scripts and ornaments, while usually only the names of the buried ones were engraved on the ancient gravestones.

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