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Bulgaria Guide - towns

Town, Plovdiv region

Situated at the foot of the Chernatitsa (Karabalkan) elevation, along the banks of the Chepelarska River, the beautiful town of Assenovgrad is a convenient starting point for a tour to the Western Rhodopes and especially to the Dobrostan Massif and Chernatitsa, which starts from Pamporovo and reaches the Thracian Lowland. There are ...
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Town, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Do you know the legend of the mythical Thracian singer Orpheus? He played his lyre with such an inspiration that even wild beasts and trees were charmed by his music. When you come here you will inevitably realize that it is the beauty of the nature around that inspired him.
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Town, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Kardjali is settled in the heart of Eastern Rhodopes mountain range, along the two banks of the Arda River, on both sides of which are the two big water dams – Studen kladenets to the east and Kardjali – to the south. The town on the Arda River is situated at the distance of 250 km. southeast of Sofia, 100 km. from Plovdiv and 81 ...
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Town, North Bulgaria

The town of Lovech is located on the borderline between the Danube Plain and the northern foothills of the Balkan and it covers the river terraces of the Osam river. The town is surrounded by a 250 m high plateau, with almost vertical slope toward the East industrial zone. The plateau hill and the slopes are occupied by a forest ...
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Town, Sandanski & South-western Bulgaria

Melnik is the smallest and one of the most fascinating towns-museums in Bulgaria. Nestled amongst the lowest southwestern fold of Pirin. The climate of Melnik is favorable for medical treatment of chronic pulmonary, kidney and rheumatic disorders. Melnik is a blend of unique nature - the cliffs clustered around the houses on ...
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Town, North Bulgaria

The town of Pleven is located in the central part of the Danubian plain, past the Vit river. It has 137 768 inhabitants. The town is situated at a distance of 174 km. to the north – east of Sofia, at the distance of 35 km. to the north of Lovech, at the distance of 55 km. to the south – east of Nikopol, at the distance of 146 km. ...
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Town, North Bulgaria

Rousse is the centre of an administrative region. It is situated on the right bank of the Danube at the mouth of the river Roussenski Lom. Rousse is the biggest Bulgarian port town on the bank of the river Danube. With the opening of the Rhein - Main - Danube canal which covers 3,500 km and connects thirteen European countries with ...
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Town, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

Sliven is nestling at the foot of the eastern Balkan Range. The town is birthplace of Hadzhi Dimitar, Panayot Hitov, Dobri Chintoulov and many Bulgarian voyvodi and cultural acivists.. Churches, houses and school from the Renaissance have been preserved. To the north-east of Sliven is the picturesque area Sinite kamani (the Blue ...
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