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Troyan, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

Troyan is located in the major northern economic region of the Republic of Bulgaria.
It is situated on the abundantly terraced banks of Beli Osam river, at the northern foot of Troyan-Kalofer part of the Stara Planina mountain, not far from the Troyan pass, at an altitude of 400 meters. That geographical location provides conditions for good transport connections.
The town has a convenient road connection with Southern Bulgaria through the Troyan pass. The distance to Sofia is 160 km. Troyan is final railway junction. The nearest civil airports are Gorna Oryahovitsa (105 km) and Sofia. The nearest river port is Svishtov (110 km) and the nearest sea port - Burgas (245 km).

The only specialized Museum of national crafts and applied arts in the country is an institute for preservation, research and development of the distinctive national folk art.
The purpose of the Craft's Museum is not only to collect, preserve and restore the splendid collection of ceramic and metal-work, national folk clothes and costumes, artistic wood decoration, fine and applied art, but also to find and popularize through its scientific editions the folk art and history of the region. The total number of exponents is 131 326.

In 2000 Troyan Municipal Council established a commercial society "National exhibition of art crafts and arts - Oreshak" SLtd.
The aim that we have put with the registration of the commercial association is to turn the exhibition area (3500 sq. m, in 9 halls) into a universal complex, in which not only the traditional folk crafts to be popularized but also the products of the contemporary Troyan business. For more efficient use of the in-kind base different exchanges of all types of commercial activities and representations, concerts, etc. may be organized.

TROYAN MONASTERY is one of the most precious Christian monuments in Bulgaria.
It was constructed in XVII century and it is the third biggest in the country. Its church "The Assumption" is decorated by the famous Bulgarian artists Zahari Zograf in 1847-1848. The miracle icon "Saint Virgin Mary Troeuchitsa" may be found there. Once per year, on the church celebration day - August 15th, the icon is exposed at a big prayer's procession to the nearby chapel.

BEKLEMETO (1360m above sea level) is 20 km away from the town. There are several hotels, a restaurant, a ski-track, a ski tow-lift and a private ski-school during the winter. The location is suitable for summer and winter transitions in the high part of the mountain, to the east of Dermenka, Dobrila, Ambaritza and Chuchul chalets and to the west of Kozya stena, Haidushka pesen, Eho and Vezhen chalets.
The cultural celebrations in May and in the autumn are traditional for the town. Their programmes include the achievements of the local artists and artists of our national culture participate in them. During the autumn holidays there is a Celebration of the plum and the plum brandy with a lot of samples and competitions for the participants.
The celebration of St. Spiridon (the patron of the craftsmen) is also traditional for the town and is held under the aegis of the Museum of national artistic crafts and applied arts. Craftsmen from all over the country celebrate on this day.
October 14th is a holiday of Troyan - it is the day of St. Petka-Paraskeva, the holly patron of the town.


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Monastery, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

Troyan Monastery must have been in existence long before the l5th century, as legends suggest. It flourished again about the year 1600. From the oldest church it is only the throne stone that has been preserved. Towards the beginning of the l9th ...
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