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Troyan Monastery

Troyan, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

Legends suggest

Troyan Monastery must have been in existence long before the l5th century, as legends suggest. It flourished again about the year 1600. From the oldest church it is only the throne stone that has been preserved. Towards the beginning of the l9th century the monastic brotherhood re-erected the monastery. In 1835 master Konstantin built a wonderful main church which was painted by Zahari Zograph in 1847-1849.

A masterepiece of Zahari Zograph

The Troyan Monastery, is known above all for the creative work of Zahari Zograph who painted both the exterior and the interior - a rare practice for the time - of the main church built in 1835, 7 km from the town of Troyan. It is a fine example of the impact of the popular conception of the world and the influence of housing architecture on religious construction. Here, Zahari Zograph repeated the social and moral in religious painting (the compositions Doomsday and the Wheel of Life), left his second self-portrait signed with amazing self confidence in spite of the Ottoman bondage, and painted the figures of Bulgarian and Russian saints. Besides, he painted a completely secular group portrait of the monastic brotherhood in the refectory - something highly unusual for the time.

The silver cover of the Gospel

In the beginning of the XIX th century the monastery was already very big. Òhe two-storey, even three-storey residential corpuses, which surrounded the yard, were very unusual for the century. Along with the marvelous frescoes in the Troyan Monastery are preserved precious works of the applied arts and crafts. Among them special attention deserve the silver cover of the Gospel, a magnificent chalice, a silver ossuary with gold ornaments and precious stones. The monastery is famous for its miraculous icon the Virgin Mary, the Three-handed. It was a famous literary centre and contributed to the publishing of many books during the Bulgarian Revival period.

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Cultural center, Veliko Tarnovo & the Balkan range

Troyan is located in the major northern economic region of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is situated on the abundantly terraced banks of Beli Osam river, at the northern foot of Troyan-Kalofer part of the Stara Planina mountain, not far from the Troyan pass, at an altitude of 400 meters. That geographical location provides conditions ...
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