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Overview: Its uniqueness lies in the combination of traditional architecture and Renaissance romanticism with contemporary functionality, amenities and a comfortable interior. The complex comprises three identical houses, situated in a common yard with an area of 1000 sq.m. The houses can be rented separately or all three together, in accordance with guests’ wishes and needs.
Location: The Dyulgerite complex is located in the central part of Koprivshtitsa, in immediate proximity to the municipality and the local community center. At the same time the complex is close to the hills of the Sredna gora mountains and creates the impression of secluded union with nature.
Address: 30 Mangar Voivoda str.
Accommodation: 3 identical houses
Overview: Panorama hotel is a family hotel in Koprivshtitsa, which offers 38 beds in double rooms, triple rooms and one apartment.
Location: Discover the unique charm and the colourful history of the vivacious village of Koprivshtitsa. Narrow alleys and century old farms and town houses in their peaceful and romantic surroundings harbour a variety of impressions just waiting to be experienced.
Koprivshtitsa is protected in its entirety as a historical monument. The numerous museums, the old stone bridges and walls, the wooden yard gates, 100-year-old buildings and courtyards in their typical colours, all take you back to time long gone.
Koprivshtitsa plays a significant role In Bulgarian history. For Bulgarians, Koprivshtitsa is a symbol for the freedom gaines after hundred years of Turkish occupation.
An astounding number of renowned Bulgarians - authors, poets, revolutionares and politicians - have come forth trom the small mountain village of Koprivshtitsa.
There are "each of offering" six museums in Koprivshtitsa, each offering inside into the various aspects of culture, history and lifesyle of the bygone era.
Address: 40 Georgi Benkovski str.