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In a warm family-like environment with national live music, for eco-tourism or team building, the impressive Guest house of Vesko and Suzi will heartily shelter you.

For the first time a house emerged at this location in a typical Kovachevitsa style already in 1947. It was only in 2001 when Vesko аnd Suzi built the as of today former tavern of this house. Four years later just above it two guest rooms were erected. In 2007 on the student’s holiday (December 8th) a group of enthusiasts took the decision to further expand the building using a European program financing facility aiming to convert it into a more cozy and better suited for parties place.
Today you could already enjoy the product of our long-standing work and road full of challenges and good moments.


Guest house Vesko and Suzi is located in the Rhodope Mountains. It's 64 km away from Bansko and 24 km from Gotse Delchev. Drama is not far, Kavala is a bit farther. Until you reach the guesthouse you pass through fascinating places. There are many other exciting sites around that you don’t specifically go by. It is the third house to the left, the nice one, just before the bridge.
Access by car from south: go past Bansko and Dobrinishte direction Gotse Delchev, pass the village of Mesta and after a number of curves you enter Gospodintsi. Immediately after the bridge at the small road surveillance building on the right you turn left towards Ognyanovo. Past the village you instantly get to Marchevo at which end to the left is the road to Kovachevitsa through Leshten and Gorno Dryanovo.
Coming from north is also possible with a well equipped offroader (see above) and much enthusiasm or from above by a heli.

Overview: The White house is a complex including a tavern and hotel part. It was built by homegrown craftsmen. As at its construction the use of natural materials and the advanced technologies are matched craftily. The rock and the wood make nice atmosphere and a sense of tranquility. You can enjoy fair view, catch the birds or just listen to the silence.
Location: in one of the most beautiful and magical Bulgarian villages - Kovachevitsa.
Accommodation: 8 DBL rooms, 1 TRL room