The archaeological summer Sliven 2009 has started in the region Popova Mogila near the Sliven town Tropoklovo. 3-4 Thracian hills will be explored during the three months of excavation works.
Following an old archaeological tradition, excavations have started with a rite for pouring red wine so as to pay tribute to gods and buried in the hill.

A team of experts, archaeologists and representatives of the Regional History Museum in Sliven will take part in the excavation works.
The expedition’s main goal is to prove the point that the Valley of Thracian Kings reaches the big arm of Tundzha river near Sliven.
Unique finds have been discovered in the region of Sliven. A golden mask and a golden ring which is believed to be a belonging to a Thracian ruler, as well as silver jewells are some of them. All objects are housed in the Regional History Museum.

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