Fans of exotic pastime are never missing in the town of Trigrad, but in August, when the town is celebrating its patron day, they are virtually thronging here. For the fifth year running the town is hosting a real throbbing party with beer and barbecues galore for all. The other integral parts of the feast are the mummers who perform mystical pagan riots. These celebrations have become an emblem of this picturesque Rhodopean village, famous for the fearful Trigrad gorge and Diavolsko Gurlo (Devil's Throat) cave. The town offers exciting experience for the fans of alternative tourism.
The "Orphist Mysteries" initially started as an ethnological festival and arts event. The techno music party grew into a real happening presenting folklore customs and rituals. The event draws hundreds of guest who come well before the starting day, August 12. All hotel rooms and private lodgings are packed; the most adventurous come with tents. The camp occupies the banks of the Trigradska river where hundreds of young adventure lovers find shelter. August 12 at night the disco beats resound in Trigrad in the accompaniment of flaring fireworks. All become friends here, old and young, folk and techno fans. The open-air disco is thumping till dawn. Then the party breaks into smaller groups, which make campfires to brew morning tea and meet the rising sun.
This year a band from London has become a real hit. The Britons performed songs from all parts of Bulgaria but admitted they couldn't cope with the Rhodopean melodies, these were two complicated for them. Another exotic contribution were the Celtic band from Wells and the mesmerizing fire dancers from Bulgaria, who dance with an icon of St. Constantine and St. Elena on the live coals. Fifteen "desperadoes" warmed up by a generous dose of booze joined the professional fire dancers. The party went on to the accompaniment of nine rock bands and wouldn't subside till dawn.

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