If you feel like trying something new during your stay in Borovets, you can easily reach the Malyovitsa skiing complex situated just a 30-minute driving from Borovets. The Malyovitsa ski run is not so well equpped with ski facilities as the ski runs in Borovets but it is a good choice if you want to diversify your stay and to enjoy the exceptionally beautiful views in that part of the Rila mountain where some of the most breath-taking mountain ridges and highest peaks (such as Malyovitsa peak) on the Balkan peninsula can be found. A 40-minutes to 1-hour walk through a heavily covered with snow pine forest in the valley will take you to Malyovitsa hut at the very foot of the peak where a warm welcome, a cup of hot muntain herbs tea and a plate of the traditional bulgarian "bob-chorba" will cheer up the chilly winter day.