Borovets Summer activites, Borovets Mountain Bike Park

Borovets turns into a mountain biking kingdom with its 20 km route.
Borovets mountainous resort opens the new summer season with plentiful sunshine and the new jewel in the collection-Borovets Mountain Bike Park. This summer Borosport prepares many surprises for tourists who will take the chance to enjoy a truly memorable holiday high in the mountain. Borovets will open the summer season on 19th of June 2010 and it welcome mountain lovers with special designated trails for mountain biking and many new fun activities.

New Borovets Mountain Bike Park disposes of designated and marked trails which are of different level of difficulty. They are more than 20km long. For instance, routes in green give a chance for beginners to enjoy their journey in the mountain. They are also suitable for children of all ages, but the only condition is that they should be accompanied by an adult. In addition, everybody should put their helmet.
Blue routes are constructed for advanced sports fans. They boast natural obstacles which are designed to rise the adrenaline and improve skills of bicyclists. As you can infer by their colour, red routes are extremely difficult and they combine numerous obstacles with steep slopes.
There is no doubt that the park takes pride in having the route for the discipline ‘downhill’. Its length is 2200m, 440, displacement and it is equipped with many facilities which ensure maximum excitement. Please, bear in mind that route is the perfect choice for professionals only.
Many jumps, step-downs, bridges and ,of course, dangerous slopes turn the route into a magnet for thrill-seekers and extreme sports fans.

Mountain biking routes within the Borovets Mountain Bike Park have another advantage - the perfect combination of the splendid nature and a terrain suitable for biking. Borovets resort lies only 70 km away from Sofia which makes it a preferred destination for sport and recreation in the mountain.
The fast Sitnyakovo Express lift will be into operation throughout the season because of the Borovets Mountain Bike Park. The lift will take you high in the mountain in 5 minutes in order for you to start your unforgettable day in the mountain. This year daily pass tickets will be sold for 20 BGN /10 EUR/exclusively for all guests at the Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

However, this is the least that can happen in the most beautiful Bulgarian mountain resort . Borovets can provide you with unforgettable summer experiences. This summer the green resort offers more than just a breath of fresh air in the heat, but also many new opportunities for adventure, sport and relaxation.
Mountain tours, mountain biking or "off road" safari - these are just some of the entertainments which you can choose during your summer vacation in Borovets or short weekend in the mountain. Indulge in your favourite passions - fishing, shooting or horse riding, have loads of fun and discover your inner Tarzan in the rope city ‘Boroland’.

Borovets - destination for your summer vacation

Borovetsis the ideal destination for many mountain sports, long holidays and weekends this summer. This summer we offer attractive packages for Borovets visitors and therefore the hot adventure is guaranteed at a great price.The official opening of Summer season 2010 in Borovets, as well as the opening of Mountain Bike Park is scheduled to start 19th of June 2010. Be ready for music, competitions, demonstrations, many surprises and, of course, great mood.

Borovets resort in summer

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