Unique find near Sliven

Bulgarian archaeologists have found a unique golden wreath in an unnamed mound near the South-East village of Krushare, Sliven District.

This has been announced Sunday by the archeologist Diana Dimitrova, who ws wife of the late great Bulgarian archaeologist, Georgi Kitov.

Until that moment, numerous objects have been found in the mound - a bronze candlestick, a glass rhyton, a huge bronze amphora, a golden bracelet, other golden objects, and glass vessels with some kind of liquid in them.
The excavations continue and more find are expected to come up.

Dimitrova's team is taking part in the excavations Archaeology Summer "Sliven 2009", which began on June 9.

In the initial plans of the team, there were 3-4 mounds marked. In is the third year in a row that the Sliven Municipality financially supports the "TEMP" expedition. This was Georgi Kitov's expedition.
His goal was to prove that the Valley of the Thracian Kings lies to the big branch of the Tundzha river next to the city of Sliven.

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