According to a poll carried out by Internet-based market research company YouGov and the Centre for Economics Development and Business Research for online shopping site Kelkoo, quoted by the British Daily Mail, Bulgarian beaches emerge as the most popular among UK tourists. Thus, Bulgaria crowned top beach destination for UK holidaymakers. Kelkoo UK concluded that the present situation affects British holidaymakers and they inevitably become more cost-conscious than even.

According to the recent survey, Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast appears as a top beach destination this summer, followed by North Tunisia, Antalya in Turkey, and Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.
The survey rated the most popular beach destinations worldwide, using the latest official statistics to assess 10 key travel criteria such as: price of flights to the specific destination, hotel rates, tourism attractions, the currency exchange rate, weather, safety, local affordability of goods and services, quality of food.
It has become clear that top destinations rank highest primarily due to their affordability, which is a key issue as far as booking a beach break is concerned.
According to 85% of the people surveyed, the vacation price is their prime concern. For 81% of the people consider that the security is of vital importance, 78%believe that weather is a crucial factor as well. 77% of the travellers questioned deem the food the most important issue.

Surprising or not, Sydney beaches in Australia rank 20th in the chart. Sydney occupies this relatively low position mostly due the high price of flights and the lack of safety. Rio De Janeiro in Brazil does not rank in a high position as well.

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