Days of Open Doors began in the Presidency in Sofia city with the opening of an archaeological exhibition of finds and monuments of medieval Bulgarian capitals Pliska, Preslav and Tarnovgrad. Anyone can visit the exhibition ‘’Following the footsteps of history -chronicles from the old capitals’’ which will take place until 10th of February 2010 in the lobby of the entrance and first floor of the Presidency in Sofia city.
The exposition occurs because of the initiative of Bulgaria’s President Georgi Parvanov and with the participation of the Archaeological Institute and Museum at BAS, regional Historical Museum in Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo, the Archaeological museum in Preslav and the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve in Pliska.
‘’The most important thing is to show these remarkable examples of Bulgarian power of young people to everybody who wishes to recall these remarkable examples of our spirituality and military force’’ said President Parvanov at the opening of the exhibition .
The head of state said that Bulgaria is a member of the EU and that’s why it is very vital for us to show our identity, protect it and this is one of the possible ways.

Visit Sofia city-the capital that blends Antiquity and modernity

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