Do you think that it is possible to book an airline ticket for only 1 EUR? Well, everything is possible when it comes to severe competition between airline companies. However, it is important to determine when best time to book an airfare is. Scientists discussed the issue and published their complex formula in the magazine ‘’Economic Journal’.
To put in simple words, this means that we should book airline tickets 8 weeks in advance. Scientists claim that prices tend to be lower in the afternoon and at dusk.

However, early booking may involve undertaking some risks in case of unforeseen circumstances. In other words, the later you book, the higher price you will have.
The trend shows that low-cost carriers are preferred by all types of travellers. However, they also impose additional fees-for a payment with a credit/debit card, board card, and extra luggage. The tabloid Bild informs that if you are patient and careful, you may get the chance to book a ticket for 1 EUR only. Experts from the website managed to negotiate such a price for a flight from Germany to UK.

An important tip will be to check the payment in advance, especially if one has decided to book a ticket with an exclusive discount. The legislation says that all carriers are obliged to propose at least one payment method that does involve a tax. According to ‘’Bild’’, Ryanair provides a payment without extra fees if one pays with VISA Electron or Mastercard Prepaid. Another trick is that clients of low-cost carriers are allowed to carry only 10kg luggage in one suitcase. Bild also states that some airline companies also levy a high fee for the issuance of a board card at the airport. Moreover, sometimes the price may reach 40 EUR. Another important issue is the transfer. In this sense, some low cost companies usually choose remote airports and therefore you should also consider the price for your transfer. This is the reason why some companies do offer their own buses.

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