Religious tourism in Bulgaria gains popularity among foreigners

More and more foreign tourists “assault” the resort Sandanski because of the numerous churches and monasteries in the municipality. Religious tourism is increasingly popular over the last 1-2 years. The interest of guests in the monasteries and historical sites in the region is immense, according to hotel owners and tour operators.
The aforementioned sites are unique not only because of their architecture, icons and wall carvings, but also because of the legends and myths surrounding them. The official opening of the Bishop’s basilica from the 5th century – the early ages of Christianity – took place last year.

“We installed special lighting, which is a magnet for both tourists and locals during the night. Our business is successfully developing alongside religious tourism”, stated the municipality management.
Each day, locals and foreigners visit the famous Rozhen Monastery, which is only 7 km away from Melnik. It is the biggest bastion of religion in the region of Pirin and one of the oldest spiritual grounds in Bulgaria. The churches and monasteries in the region are witnesses and guardians of Bulgaria’s long history.

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