Energy-saving eco house from Plovdiv’s village Tsaratsovo applies to be included in Guinness World record in the sphere of housing construction. This was announced by the owner of the house, citied by BTA.
The building will be built by using alternatives to traditional energy sources. Water will be pumped out with a wind engine, all electricity appliances will work with electric power from a solar, but other machines will be powered by a diesel engine with oil, explained Stamov.
According to Mr. Stamov, all energy sources will be used in the household as well and therefore it is expected that 90% of the energy will be saved. The model for the "cheap" detached house includes two floors with an area of 160 m2 and the roof will be a replica of the Cheops pyramid. Stamov stressed that the unusual architecture of the house would contribute to the preservation of living organisms.

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