The prominent Bulgarian archaeologist Professor Nikolay Ovcharov discovered 7 gold coins at the foot of the hill Tsarevets near the church of St. Peter and Pavel in Veliko Tarnovo, stated Standart newspaper.
Coins were found stuck one to another at 30-40 cm below the surface of the layer which was being researched. One of the hypotheses of the archaeologists is that the coins were placed in a little bag, which has been decayed, and thus the coins have been preserved through the ages.
Most likely coins had been hidden in a brisk manner by someone of Asen dynasty after he realized that he was being pursued. The boyar tried to hide his wealth with the intention to return later, but he was murdered.
Virgin Mary is depicted on one side of the coin. She puts the crown of the Emperor John Vatatsi. The other side of the coin depicts Jesus Christ, sitting on a throne.
The gold is of very high quality- about 20 carats. This is one of the reasons that makes archaeologists believe that the coins were not used to purchase goods, but they were kept as wealth.

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