Bulgaria or Palma de Mallorca? Which is the best beach resort for German tourists? This is a question which will be further discussed in the best-selling newspaper in Europe ‘Bild’ which has the sixth-largest circulation worldwide.

Bulgaria is more beautiful that Palma de Mallorca! Women are prettier and the alcohol is cheaper!’’, stated many tourists who have chosen Bulgaria for their seaside vacation. The popular tabloid also reveals that Bulgarian government is concerned about the image of the country and wants to ‘modify’ the current tourist product which is associated with drunk tourists and thus take care of promoting all cultural sites in the country. Bild clearly states that there is no wonder that Bulgaria wants to develop its image and it is possible, because the track for Formula 1 will boost country’s popularity and efforts to develop a better vision of the tourism field.

The small, but beautiful country, lying on the Balkan Peninsula, continues to compete with the party destination Palma de Mallorca as it imports all from the Spanish island which has cemented its reputation as the best holiday venue for German tourists. For instance, the bar ‘Beer King’ in Golden Sands resembles the one in Palma de Mallorca. If one has decided that a party should start even at noon, they can go to ‘Mega park’, another place that is a model of a party venue in the Spanish resort. The only criticism in the newspaper’s article is that alcohol tourism at the beach lacks free beer which is offered in Palma de Mallorca. However, alcohol is cheaper in Bulgaria and this compensates the only shortcoming.

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