A recent research has proven that all experiences that tourists feel during their holidays are related to the three major elements of happiness. According to a doctor from Victoria University in Australia, it will not be surprising that soon doctors will start prescribing holidays as an alternative way of remedy and timely prevention from diseases. Depressions are not likely to occur if one regularly goes on a holiday.

Dr.Sebastian Fillep concluded that there is a relation between tourism and health and therefore it is expected that travelling will become an important part of healthy way of life. He also clarified that happiness has an impact on the good physical health and sanity. In this relation, tourism is a good way to boost confidence and happiness. Mr.Fillep summarized that happier people extend their lifespan and therefore having in mind that travelling makes people happier, then it is logical that tourists live longer.
Three elements of happiness are positive emotions, purposefulness and the third element is commitment that is related to the feeling of interaction.

Good news is that now there are so many unbeatable offers and promotions that we do not have excuses to postpone our vacation.