Tourism will be the most important economy development element in 2010.’’, said the chairman of the European Academy for rural tourism.
According to him, there should be investments in the development of tourism and this can be done through the proper development of territories. ‘’It makes a difference to develop the industry and sell the country as a tourist product. ‘’ , added Fausto Faggioli.
“Today the tourist market is not related to the destination only, but emotions. In order to visit a country, you do not plan the holiday for the destination itself, but all emotions that you would experience. As far as tourism is concerned, we do not offer only hotel accommodation or a dish in a posh restaurant, but the territory itself.’’, declared Fausto Faggioli. For instance, small villages have a priority over big tourist centers. According to him, some local products can be sold along with cultural tourism in the big city. As an example, Veliko Turnovo will be able to benefit from the surrounding villages which are located in rural areas and hence they will add extra value to the core tourist product of Veliko Turnovo.

‘Nowadays the tourist product on the market is well-accomplished and therefore the best sold product includes territorial identity, all integral elements that define the territory-traditions, culture, historic monuments, history. Our world is closely related to globalization and therefore we can find everything, so it’s logical that everything can be easily copied. The thing that cannot be copied is characteristics of the territory and the identity of all residents. The thing that distinguishes ourselves is the most valuable feature that we should focus on.’, added Fausto Faggioli. It is expected that Bulgaria’s historic city of Veliko Turnovo will be promoted with Emiliya Romanya and this will boost the attractiveness of both regions. ‘Visit Europe and spend one week in Veliko Turnovo and Emiliya Romanya’. Marketing research will be carried out to learn more about lifestyle, traditions and the folklore of villages in the vicinities of Veliko Turnovo.

‘Globalization was yesterday’s most discussed topic and we put efforts into it, but today we seen the opposite tendency. Our prime concern must be to keep the identity of nations and tourist destinations.’ pointed out Fausto Faggioli.

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