Mountain Bike Championship will take place from 24th until 26th of September 2010 in Borovets ski resort. Bulgaria’s champions in mountain biking in different classes will receive their deserved prizes.

Borovets Mountain Bike Park was opened in the beginning of the summer season, but it has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most popular and preferred destinations for mountain biking and this is the reason why it has been chosen to host Bulgarian Mountain bike championship.

If you are not familiar with the thrilling sport, you will have the chance to learn more about mountain biking and admire at young talents who will reveal their potential at the event. According to advanced players, Bulgaria possesses the best conditions for practicing mountain biking in Europe.

This summer season Borovets resort has become one of the top mountain destinations in Bulgaria suitable for adventures and lots of fun. The first mountain bike park in Bulgaria has certainly contributed to the increased popularity of the resort. Borovets offers over 20km marked traces for mountain biking as they are of different level of difficulty.

Borovets Moutain Bike Park has a space for many improvements and various new traces for the next year, as well as interesting festivals and competitions for sports fans.
Organizers are preparing the traces for the competition which will take place at DH93 trace. Please, look at the map in order to obtain more information.
Many novelties are expected, however, they will be presented shortly before the competition. 10-m jumps and other special techniques will be presented at the competition. Organizers have also included open category and therefore they expect sports fans from Romania, Greece and Macedonia.