The first night golf tournament in Bulgaria takes place on 17th of September 2010. The official host of the festival is golf club ‘Pravets’. It is expected that 11 beginners will have their first golf lesson at dusk. The start of the night tournament is 8:30pm. The training playground of golf club Pravets will be illuminated by floodlights.
The training playground and the building of the golf academy in Pravets are one of their kind in Bulgaria and they are equipped with illumination for night trainings. Floodlights are similar of these at football stadiums and they stretch along the total area of the terrain, around the training places and the entrance. The main of the non-traditional golf experience is to attract more people and show them that golf is an amusing and interesting sport.
The unique equipment is built like the one of the Golf Academy of the oldest and most popular playground in the world-‘’Old playground’’ in Saint Andrews, Scotland, also known as the Home of Golf.

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