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Great Hotels Organisation - London-based alliance bringing together hotels of 3 to 5 star brands in the Great Hotels of the World, Special Hotels of the World and Metro Hotels, has announced ten major trends in the incentive business.
M & E sector has been brought to normal after the major crisis in 2009. Funds that should be normally allocated for conference events slowly increased as compared to last year and they are expected to continue growing in 2011. However, it appears that the price is still a decisive factor when it comes to taking decision to organize an event. Proven return on investment (ROI) becomes increasingly important when companies start to invest again in M & E. If they have a situation of a rapidly changing market, customers and suppliers would appreciate more flexibility and value for money. They emphasize the business and therefore they forget about small pleasures which have been recently adopted in congress tourism. The corporative social responsibility and green solutions are also appreciated by the organizers of events, reported Great Hotels Organisation.

And now you’d ask about the new destinations that must be included in the list! Indeed proven congress destinations such as Brussels, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin have been ranked high in the top search list, however, the figures show that new destinations such as Tallinn, Vilnius and Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, has gained popularity so far. The reason for this dramatic change is that companies seek effectiveness and quality and they can easily find in new conference destinations.

Social media has been implemented in M&E industry. Contacts face-to-face continue to be important, but many organizers utilize social media as a tool which ensures the proper feedback, as well as they strive to develop their contacts with suppliers.

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