Eco paths, playground for paint ball and various sports attractions will be established in Suhindol. The municipality is currently working on a project to promote its tourism opportunities and the project is estimated at 200 000 EUR. The mayor of Suhindol said that the area is one of the most picturesque in the region and it is particularly suitable for team building events.
40-m tower, which will carry Bulgarian flag, will be situated at the top of the Devetashko Plateau. The aim of the future adventure park is to make the area visible from kilometres in order to determine its exact position, said the mayor.
It is planned that the adventure park will be located in the region between Suhindol and the near village Koevtsi. Two eco paths will lead to the adventure park. The route is not chosen by accident. It is the exact place which leads to an unknown unique fountain that is exceptional attraction for visitors.

Antique Roman route and Roman sun clock can be seen by the visitor if they intend to walk through the eco paths.
The mayor said that these landmarks are popular with residents only; however, the major goal is to make them famous worldwide as such things can be hardly seen.

Natural resources and favourable climate in the municipality of Suhindol are preconditions for the development of various types of tourism. The potential of the region enables the development of the rural, eco and wine tourism.
The area, surrounding the dam ‘Alexander Stambolyiski’ is particularly suitable for rural tourism due to the tranquillity, crystal clear air and the beautiful nature. There are good conditions for various water sports. The village which is in close proximity boasts houses that represent interesting architectural style and therefore after they have undergone renovation, they may turn into small family owned hotels. Other water resourced within the territory of Suhindol municipality are visited by many tourists very often primarily because of fishing.
Nature lovers will find extremely attractive numerous waterfalls and caves in the region.

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