Bulgaria’s Ministers of Finance, Simeon Djankov and of Economy and Energy, Traycho Traykov will inquire in Brussels whether the uniform stakes of VAT in tourism sector could be levied in October 2011.
The employed in the sector in Bulgaria demanded from the ministers that the introduction of the stake would come in next autumn and grounded their demand with signed contracts with large tour operators from next summer season. At the meeting with the ministers the representatives of the sector suggested that the unified stake would be increased by maximum of 1% or up to 8%.
Brussels insists on unifying the tax which is currently 7% for packet travels and 20% for individual trips, ministers explained. The unified tax cannot drop to 7% because thus the fisc would lose 15 million levs, Minister of Finance explained.
The unified stake should be introduced in 2011 because otherwise Bulgaria would be sanctioned from Brussels.

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