Visitor Centre for the conservation of Pomorie Lake was officially opened on 11th of June 2010. Partnership between the municipality of Pomorie, the World Bank and the foundation "Green Balkans" has made it possible to the idea for the development of Pomorie Lake to be efficiently implemented and to give reasons for the increasing popularization of ecotourism in the region.

The project "Pomorie Lake-conservation, restoration and sustainable management’ is aimed at managing the protected areas through a combination of biodiversity conservation and usage of natural resources.
The project is estimated at 863 100 USD and it is indeed a significant investment in the conservation of biodiversity in Bulgaria. Apart from project’s exceptional ecological importance, it also plays a vital role in the fulfilment of many international arrangements.
Miniatures of birds can be seen in the centre and one will obtain information for all 268 species that nest in the area of the Pomorie Lake. Everybody has the opportunity to see birds in their natural environment through telescopes located on the top floor terrace. Together with the Museum of Salt in Pomorie, the tourist centre forms the complex "Pomorie Lake’’.

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