Gold earrings and gold rings are the latest discoveries from the excavations near St. St. Peter and Pavel church at the foot of Tsarevets, announced renowned archaeologists Nikolay Ovcharov and Hitko Vachev.
In the necropolis near the temple they found a grave of a young girl and they believe that it dates back to the second half of 14th century. Probably the noble girl, buried in the grave, was about 15 years old. Archaeologists concluded that the girl was from the dynasty of Shishman and this becomes clear from the earring which has two double-headed eagles. Prof. Ovcharov expressed his belief that the earring was made by Byzantine jewelers.
Unique discovery of skillfully created jewels shows the second example of the world history and it is believed that jewels discovered near Tsarevets belonged to a royal dynasty- Shishmanovtsi.

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