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Pamporovo ski resort

Pamporovo, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Pamporovo is a modern ski resort in the heart of the Rhodope mountains. It is the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort with wonderful snow throughout the whole season. The specific combination of natural conditions makes the resort beautiful in winter as well as in summer. Pamporovo is situated on 1650 m above the sea level at the foot of peak Snejanka (1926 m). It is 260 km far from Sofia, 85 km from Plovdiv and 35 km from Narechen. Pamporovo has an exclusive climate featuring a soft winter with about 120 sunny days during the skiing period .The skiing season starts from mid - December to mid - April. Due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate the temperature in the resort have small daily variations. The average air temperature is - 3 ° C. The surrounding high peaks keep it from the winds and in winter preserve the snow cover. There are no avalanches in the resort and no sharp changes in the weather and this guarantees its guests a safe and pleasant holiday. As a part of the Rhodope Mountains it is a unique place, famous for its negative air ionisation – something extremely beneficial to your health. The unique Mediterranean climate provides excellent conditions for climatic therapy and health tourism all year round. A Balneological Centre operates from within the resort.

About the ski runs

Pamporovo is a ski-centre for all categories of skiers,it has excellent ski runs including even a racing ski run for giant slalom, as well as a first class built-up ski lift system.
The area is abundant in natural slopes and many ski slopes have been built with different category of difficulty. The resort offers 5 chair lifts, 13 tow-lifts, 17.5 km meters of alpine ski-tracks and 25 km of long-distance runs.
Most of the ski runs start on top of peak Snejanka. They are located between 1926 and 1450 m above the sea level. All ski runs are safe guarded and maintained in a very good condition.

  • Snejanka-1(Snejanka-Yazovira)- Blue- Medium Difficulty –990m
  • Snejanka-2 Stenata (Snejanka-Studenеts)-Red, Black- Difficult, Very Difficult-1100m
  • Snejanka-3 (Snejanka-Dvata Mosta)-Black, Red- Very Difficult, Difficult-1500m
  • Snejanka-4 (Snejanka-Ardashla)- Black, Red- Very Difficult, Difficult-2200m
  • Snejanka-5 (Snejanka-Ardashla)- Red, Blue- Difficult, Medium Difficulty-3100m
  • Snejanka-6 (Snejanka-Yazovira-Studenеts-Ardashla)- Green- Light-3800m
  • Snejanka-Smolenski ezera- not approved yet-3000m
  • Studenets-the Bus station- Blue - Medium Difficulty-800m

The most difficult ski piste is 'The Wall', a black run which offers an exciting challenge. Great off-piste skiing and snowboarding is also on offer.

For children:
Ski Kindergarten Run by Hotel Perelik, tuition provided by the ski school. Location: Hotel Perelik Age: for children 5-8 yrs. Hours: 9.00am - 4.30pm, 2 hours tuition per day.

The ski school is known internationally for its experienced instructors. They will teach the beginners in groups or individually 2 to 4 hours daily. The duration of the different skiing classes is between 3 and 12 days. All course graduates will get a certificate.
Ski equipment - 14 ski rentals offer more than 3200 sets of skiing equipment as well as toboggans, sledges and snowboards.

The Emergency SKI PATROL service is available 24 hours a day. Ambulance and clinic (with doctor and nurse) are available, as well as first aid, on all ski slopes. Fully equipped and functioning hospitals are available in Smolyan and Chepelare. Highly qualified dentists are available at Pamporovo or Chepelare.
Pharmacies are available at the resort. Some medical and all dental services must be cash to the doctors (clinics). They should provide the necessary bills, receipts and invoices describing the service and the cost, so that you can claim back the expense to your insurance company. It s recommended you call your insurance company and inform them in case of injury. Please follow their instructions.

Apres Ski

Restaurants: Pamporovo is well supplied with restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisine, but most visitors favour the local folk taverns like the Chevermeto, where whole sheep are roasted over open fires and dancers in traditional costume provide colourful entertainment. For an eclectic, filling selection the favourite eatery is The White Hart, which offers home-made pub grub, mouth-watering steaks, a selection of pizza and pasta and even caters well for vegetarians. More upmarket dining, along with Bulgarian wines, is offered in style at The White House.

Nightlife: Après ski in Pamporovo is lively with plenty of options to choose from, whether you prefer sipping wine in a cosy piano bar, or partying the night away in a club. Most popular choices are BJ's in the lobby of the hotel Perelik, Daks Bar in the hotel Snejanka, or Night Flight, the resort's largest disco, in the Hotel Rojen.

Activities: Ski season in Pamprovo comes hand in hand with a full programme of events and activities, ranging from bum-boarding to a raucous ski-instructor's show. Bowling is offered at hotels, ice-skating, skidoos and tobogganing are popular pastimes, and excursions to nearby places of interest and Sofia are on offer.

Nearby Attractions

Trips to the Stoykite village and the picturesque rocks of Orpheus can be fun. You can also visits the ancient town of Chepelare and the only Speleological Museum in Bulgaria, Smolyan and the Shiroka Laka architectural, ethnographic and folklore preserve.

Located on the right bank of the Chepelare river, very close to Pamporovo, is the Bachkovo Monastery which also offers a museum with a rich exhibition of church plate, icons, books and much more. The village that surrounds the monastery offers lots of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Other places of interest in/near Pamporovo

Cultural center, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

The picturesque village of Stoykite (population: 420 inhabitants) is located in the region of Shiroka Luka, in the western part of the Rhodopian Mountains. It is situated 16 km northwest of the town of Smolyan, ...
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Restaurant, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Cuisine: BULGARIAN NATIONAL STEAKHOUSE Healthy menu, including rich choice of starters,delicious main meals & desserts for your special whims Non-smoking room, Parking, Terrace, Air Condition, Breakfast, BBQ, TAXI, Number of seats: 350 Address: Pamporovo, next to the bus station
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Restaurant, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Cuisine: ITALIAN STEAKHOUSE Average Menu set price: including starter,main meal & desert Non-smoking room, Parking, Terrace, Air Condition, TAXI, Number of seats: 130 Address: Pamporovo, Hotel PERELIK
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Restaurant, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Restaurant “Bialata Kashata” (“The White House”) is settled in the central part of Pamporovo complex, at about 300 meters form the bus station. The White House is the newest restaurant in Pamporovo, it was opened in December 2002. The restaurant is new, but the building was designed as a typical Bulgarian house from a hundred years ...
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Bar, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

Bar type: DISCO-BAR What a diversity of cocktails for your special dancing night!
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Natural phenomenon, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

The Yagodina cave is situated about 3km to the west of the village of Yagodina and 8 km from the village of Trigrad. As a part of the Buynovsko Gorge this cave is one of the most impressive karst formations in the Rhodopes. It is on 5 levels and is 10 km long. The uppermost level was inhabited by the people from the Eneolithic ...
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Natural phenomenon, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

The Devil's Throat cave is situated 1 km from the village of Trigrad in the marvellous Trigrad Gorge. The cave is lit by many lamps so you don’t need to take a torch with you unless you want to explore in detail all the niches in the rocks. After a long artificially dug corridor you will find yourself in an enormous gallery. ...
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Historical site, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

The village of Tatoul, situated about 15 km from Momchilgrad, has recently become extremely popular with the Thracian sanctuary discovered to the south of it. The village itself is small and quiet. It consists of only a few houses and its population is about 70 people. The people here are Muslims and speak a local dialect, not ...
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Historical site, Pamporovo & the Rhodopes

The earliest traces of human civilization discovered so far at Perperikon were dated to the late Neolithic Period, 6th-5th millennium BC. However, Perperikon was not yet a settled village but a rock of worship. Next came the Eneolithic Period (or the Copper Age). Fragments of pottery dated to the late 5th - early 4th millennium ...
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