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Overview: The Grand Hotel Hebar's team always trying to do the best to offer the customers high quality products and services.
Location: The hotel is located in the downtown, near City Hall,major administrative, cultural and business sites. Here are:
- Puppet Theatre Konstantin Velichkov
-The Cathedral Church of Virgin Mary,
- Regional Museum of History
- Art Gallery Stanislav Dospevski
and many other local attractions.
Address: 6 Esperanto str.
Accommodation: single/double rooms, double lux rooms , studios, apartments, apartments deluxe
Overview: Eco Complex Flora is located in the heart of the Rhodopes, 15 km from the town of Pazardzhik in Patalenitza, a wonderful place with a rich history. Vacationing in a complex eco "Flora" is much more than a mere vacation ... It includes real pleasure than to be close to nature, to know the local traditions and cultures , to spend some wonderful days with people we love, but we do not have time.Visit us and experience the joy of life! To keep your heart pure nature!
Location: Patalenitza Rhodope village is located 15 km southwest of the town of Pazardzhik and 1,5 km south of the village it Batkun. For centuries there were two villages alone.In the land of their life is bubbling intensive early antiquity. After its merger with Batkun village in 1955, Village Patalenitza becoming one of the largest settlements in the northern slopes of Rhodope ridge Karkaria just.

In the Middle Ages to the present village was located Batkun important border fortress Batkunion, remnants of which have been preserved to this day.The earliest historical historical information about it are from the XII century. Due to its important strategic position Byzantine administrators have in safekeeping for its garrison of passes between Sredets and Puldin.Throughout all the twists of our history here lives a compact mass of Bulgarian population, which determines the constant crises.

During the 1189 squad of knights engaged in III Crusade, is suddenly attacked by the Byzantines
Address: village Patalenitsa
Accommodation: 5 rooms, 2 suites