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mc cool


25 July 2008, 22:08

Comment: went to aqua hotel nov 11 for wedding had the time of my life staff exalent servie exalenteverything was just great the place to be yes i think so

Polina Yotova


from Sofia,Bulgaria, 08 April 2008, 18:42

3 3 3 Overall
3 3 3 Staff
3 3 3 Rooms
2 2 Food
3 3 3 Fun
Comment: Me and my boyfriend (my husband now) went there for Easter - to spend some time together away of the work. The hotel is located next to the railway station so was great for us as we came by train. The price for Easter was cheap and that was one of the reasons to stay here. The hotel is new and clean. The room is basic - nothing specialThere is also something like bar-restaurant in the same place where we had our breakfast. The breakfast was good - as it was Easter we had eggs and sweet bread every morning. . We had a small problem - my boyfriend left his magazine at the bathroom and after we came back we saw that it was missing - we called the reception and they said that the cleaning lady thought that is trash! Horrible! Was an expensive English magazine - as my husband had difficulties to read Bulgarian we found this expensive magazine for him and they decided to throw it out!

Johnatan Fox


from Utah, USA, 19 October 2006, 18:22

4 4 4 4 Overall
4 4 4 4 Staff
4 4 4 4 Rooms
4 4 4 4 Food
5 5 5 5 5 Fun
Comment: Stayed at the Aqua Hotel in August 2006 for summer getaway. I expected a nice, clean hotel and it was met. But there were some bad things too. First the good:
1. The first night we were upgraded to a suite due to overbooking. It was very nice. Huge, clean bathroom. Huge room. Huge comfortable bed.
2. The rest of our my stay, I was in a standard double room. It was ok. Nothing special but clean. That's what I care about the most.
3. It's very close to the train station so if you are traveling by train then it is very convient.
4. Staff was good and nice overall.
5. Breakfeast was ok but don't expect much. It is Bulgarian breakfeast style which I didn't like too much while my stay in Bulgaria.
6. It is about a 10 minute walking distance to the city center and a 20 minute walk to the beach. So if you want to be closer than you should find something closer.
The bad:
1. Staff didn't have great English but it was ok. I expect that when I go to another country. There was one older lady that was not so nice and I avoided her as much as I could. I asked for a close internet cafe and they couldn't tell me where one is located. I found one on my own.
2. The shower ceiling in the standard room had some spots (maybe mold?).

Jan Terje Johansen


from Norway, 24 September 2006, 16:53

4 4 4 4 Overall
4 4 4 4 Staff
4 4 4 4 Rooms
5 5 5 5 5 Food
3 3 3 Fun
Comment: We spend 1 week, and had a wery good time.
The service was just greate, and the staff was nice and always smiling.