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Briana Doll


from UK, 17 February 2009, 02:55

5 5 5 5 5 Overall
5 5 5 5 5 Staff
3 3 3 Rooms
5 5 5 5 5 Food
5 5 5 5 5 Fun
Comment: As I travelled alone with my two sons I felt the staff really looked after us. Mariela the waitress was great with the boys and very helpful. The food was ample. We ate in the hotel every day and there was a good choice. If things ran low we only had to ask and Mariela filled up the trays.
The boys stayed out sledging up to 10 pm every night, I had a drink in the Ice Agels and watched them. The staff at the Ice Angels were also friendly. Would definately go back as the hotel as it is around the corner from all the activities so no need to get buses. The slopes were a bit icy but being beginners we stayed on the easier runs. We were also lucky with the weather as we had a good downpour of snow and it looked very pretty. Very good fun and the atmosphere great, (can't let the touts get to you though, we just smiled and walked on).
The resort was good fun.

Jackey Short


from Bedford, United Kingdom, 30 January 2009, 08:49

3 3 3 Overall
4 4 4 4 Staff
4 4 4 4 Rooms
4 4 4 4 Food
4 4 4 4 Fun
Comment: My teenage daughter and I stayed at this hotel, booked through Crystal over the new year. The hotel accommodation was absolutely fine - two single beds - actually the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept on - on seperate walls - ideal for father and daughter combination. The only problem was the noise from other guests but I guess we were just unlucky. Good comfotable lounge area and bar with reasonable prices 4lev a large beer 1.5lev a coke. The food was OK could have done with being hotter - some guests got very angry with the temperature of the food - but hey we didn't go hungry although my 17year old might disagree though. The Gala dinner on New Years eve was really good. 5 courses, soft drinks, wine and Rakia - firewater - included. The hotel staff were attentive without being over friendly though. The location was good, about 5mins walk from the main lifts and ski store and a little less from the gondola (opposite direction). Opposite a nice English owned bar The Alpina where a large beer is just 2.5lev or 1.5lev (80p) early evening. In the resort centre a large beer is 5lev.
Borovets as a resort is OK. Nothing special infact a bit tacky with its Erotic Bars not discreet with their advertising. Lots of people hustling you to eat/drink in various bars but not at all threatening. The resort catered for families with young children as well as for groups of young adults - the sort that keep you awake at night Grrr!! New Years Eve fireworks on the slope was madness but 100% great fun. Health and Safety is not a concern in Borovets.
As for skiing. The runs are adequately maintained and there is enough to keep you occupied for a week - just about. The Gondola can get very crowded and the queue builds up from 9.30 otherwise the lift system is not a problem. Ski school was good - once you get into the correct ability group - the selection process is a farce but was sorted without fuss.

G. M. Connolly


from united Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland, 14 April 2006, 09:34

Comment: Ms. Deborah Ducey did not mean that comment, I am aware. I'm afraid that she was made to write it, by a girl (not her daughter) and other persons whom involved myself.

It is nothing which would be understood at this time. I am grateful for the communication context which allows this message to be shown and read.

I apologise, Ms. Ducey for your misfortune. No person should have disturbed you nor asked you to produce what you did against your will.

The hotel is very simple and atmostpheric, a pleasant, relaxing and inspiring simple place to stay in the countryside.

Ms. Ducey began to tell me that the hotel seemed pleasant and fine at the beginning of her stay when she was briefly interrupted by persons whom had involved me, they being interuppted and had to act against their will by other persons.

Deborah Ducey


from united Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland, 12 March 2005, 17:50

Comment: Take my advice, do not believe the brochure rating for this hotel. It is in no way, shape or form a 3* hotel, it is rather a budget hotel, with tired, dirty, smokey accomodation, disgusting food and unhelpful staff. My daughter refused to sleep on the bed all week, prefering to sleep on her coat and none of my family could eat in the hotel, the food was this disgusting.

Do not believe what the operators tell you when they say this is all you can expect in a resort such as this. We visited the 3*Ella Hotel just down the road and this was far more acceptable and of a standard most of us would have expected. The food available in the resort proved that it was possible to eat meals which were tasty and reasonably priced, not the case with the meals in this hotel.

The resort was fine, the sking great the hotel a disgrace. We have complained to the tour operator.Do not go there if you have any choice whatsoever.