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Donna M Liles


08 August 2006, 16:52

Comment: Golden Sands is an excellent place!



09 May 2005, 20:52

Comment: When we travelled to golden sands it was the start of the holiday season and it was very quiet. I wouldn't recommend going at the start of May as there was no entertainment at night outside of the hotel and also no street lighting. There are a lot of people trying to get you into their shops etc; just ignore them and walk away. It's the only way. You may feel a bit ignorant but if you stop and chat to them you will never get away! Please stay clear of the Pirate Ship restaurant that is along the promenade as the food isn't edible and it is expensive compared to others. My kids got a dicky tummy after eating there and they only had a couple of mouthfuls. The people in the resort are lovely though and will do anything to help you. There is a wonderful cocktail bar near the artists stalls who claim to have the record number of cocktails. They are amazing and I had to go back to the hotel after 2 cocktails as I was really drunk and all for a cost of 14lev (about £4.50) Everyone expects to be tipped in Golden Sands and if you don't do it they will be rude, even though you should only tip if you are satisfied with the service!! If you want a good night out go to Albena where the night life is great. My partner and I went out there a few nights and had a brilliant time. There are a few prostitutes but they dont bother you if you are with your other half. All in all I would go back to Bulgaria. It is a beautiful country with amazing beaches and really nice locals and yes it is as cheap as people say. Be wary of Varna as the pickpockets are rife; you will be told of them at your welcome meeting but they make out as though it hardly happens, believe me its bad! my daughter and I went into Varna and got surrounded by at least 20 of them. They gather at the steps outside the Cathedral and this is the only way to cross the road, so be very vigilant and keep all valuable belongings hidden. I'm not scare mongering but it does happen. Apart from that it is a beautiful country.

Cheryl Williams


26 August 2004, 20:52

Comment: I stayed in Golden Sands for 2 weeks. It is an excellent place, everyone is friendly. Also everything is fairly cheap, the best buy would be a lido for the beach, everyone gets them and they are much cheaper than paying for a sunbed on the beach everyday. The Golden Lion is the English pub, but to be honest it is like being in London with the prices they charge. Also nowhere in Golden Sands has anybitter it is all lager, lager, lager. However the other resorts may sell bitter. Parmy's is in my opinion an excellent eating hole and as you cant go self catering, i would advise you to get the best price per person as the food is served loop warm. It would be hard to eat it for 2 weeks.£1500 is plenty for 4people to go away for 2 weeks. Visit Varna, that is where you get your beer for 50p. In the resorts the guide prices are quite mis-leading. The McDonalds in Golden sands works out dearer than in England, but in Varna it works out less than 30p per burger. A real bargain! The beach is excellent and there are plenty of water sports avaliavble. Tour Operator: Thomas Cook



from Poland, 29 June 2004, 20:52

Comment: I enjoyed staying in Golden Sands sea resort very much. Best wishes!



from Poland, 27 June 2004, 21:17

Comment: Very nice sea resort, but the overbuilding of the area will destroy its seclusiveness and wilderness for which it was famous once.



from Russia, 03 October 2003, 23:55

Comment: hello everyone!! this year i was in Bulgaria, resort Golden Sands and i fell in love with it!!!! so nice, polite, attentive people, warm sun, excellent bars, restaurants and of course guys, so handsome......
The best disco there to my opinion is Mailbu! i just adore it and people there. all 14 days i went to this disco. So many interesting things accustomed in Bulgaria, which are not accustomed in Russia. for ex, they go to disco with whistles, and guys there where such pants which are very popular at girls here, and besides they are always ready to help and ask nothing to return. what can i say more.....Bulgaria is splendid !!!! and next year i will go there again, i am sure at 100%. best regards to everyone..... Julia. Resort recommended.
P/S Please if you had been at Golden sands this year during the same period as i was, write to me