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Stevan Moore


from Dublin, Ireland, 02 February 2009, 19:12

5 5 5 5 5 Overall
5 5 5 5 5 Staff
5 5 5 5 5 Rooms
5 5 5 5 5 Food
5 5 5 5 5 Fun
Comment: The Yastrebets is a brilliant Hotel and the staff's english has improved. We stayed in a Chalet, which is adjacent to the main Hotel. They are brilliant and the kids loved them. The heat in side was unreal, had to sleep with windows open some nights.
Only drawback is that the slopes beside the Hotel are not for beginners so it was a case of a taxi ride down to Borovets (15 Lev, about €8 a time). The road up to the Hotel is potholed everywhere but the taxi's are reliable (check out the odd Lada still running!!!)
Borovets itself is cheap and cheerful, only had 1 bad meal in the week we were there and the ski rental and instructors were also cheap and very friendly. We got Ski's, boots and poles for 25 Lev €14 a day, but I'd advise you to shop around.

Ina Mineva


from Bulgaria, 03 April 2008, 21:17

3 3 3 Overall
5 5 5 5 5 Staff
5 5 5 5 5 Rooms
5 5 5 5 5 Food
5 5 5 5 5 Fun
Comment: We hired gear for the 3 of us ( 2 adults one child ), 145 lev total. The ski hire staff were disinterested , but I don't think there English was very good .Plus I think we were the only ones hiring gear as when we dropped it back the next day they ran out the door , I think they were waiting for us .There is a selection of sledges for kids to use at the exit from the shop for you to use any time .
We had our own car (4 wheel drive ) which was a great plus as we did not have to rely on the shuttle bus , but we did need to find a place to park the car , you have to think outside the box and park Bulgarian style (not for the faint hearted)
We have a 3 year old son so headed for the nursery slopes at this time of year that means the top of the gondalar ride , the nursery slopes lower down are all closed .
We met a ski instructer at the top of the slopes he took our son for an hour lesson 55 lev , I'm sure there are deals to be made but we didn't haggle .
The food at the top of the mountain is very expensive , 2 beers , 2 salads , 2 fries and a orange juice 64 Lev , in Sofia it would be half that ...but I guess they do have to drag it up the mountain .If you don't want to waste money take a sandwich with you but buy a beer cause up there looking at the mountains it tastes fantastic .
Back to the Yastrebets , sauna , steam room , herbal bath,great pool (I think it could have been warmer but the windows had been left open , no idea why .Other guests said it was much warmer the day before .), amazing gym, with great views while you work out .The Spa did a very envigorating massage 80 lev one hour .You could get your nails done but no waxing or hairdressing services.
When we got back to our room it hadn't been cleaned ( about 4 ish) The cleaners came while we were in the room , so just changed the towels thats all , there appeared to be about 10 people staying in the hotel , yes really it was that quiet .So I don't know why they clean them so late .
The rooms are small . We looked at the one bed apparments they have a great living area with fire ! But didn't see any tea or coffee facilties .Even in the Chalets , no stove , no kettle , so you have to tramp out side into the hotel for even a quick cuppa , nightmare!When we first saw the chalets we thought they looked fantastic but with no kitchen facilities it kind of defeats their purpose I think .Saying that I guess you could get room service to the chalet ?
Lots of the staff spoke english , front desk and restaurant staff.
The Restaurant in the hotel served great food , but in the bulgaria way , which means you get brought what ever comes first from the restaurant , ie you might get your main course before someone else has a starter, Fries might come on there own , I have seen this is a number of restaurant here , so wait for everyone to be served before you eat as your meal may well be ruined , sharing food is definetly the way to go .
The only places that smelt of smoke where the staircases and lobby bar,the corridors and rooms no problem.
There is under cover parking for your car , but don't forget to get your car park ticket scanned by the front desk staff before you go anywhere or the gates won't open and security can't do it manually for you .