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Paul Clipstone


02 February 2014, 19:23

5 5 5 5 5 Overall
1 Staff
5 5 5 5 5 Rooms
2 2 Food
3 3 3 Fun
Comment: We chose to stay at this hotel, and will do next year, due to our stay last year. The hotel has a fabulous location to the village and slopes. It is clean, relaxing. The rooms in the new part are extremely comfortable, warm and storage space ideal. Perhaps the best we have stayed in during our 8 visits to Borovets.
The only negative point are certain staff, who would spoil the experience if you let them. The restaurant staff are rude, especially 2 males staff. There was a guy on reception who blatantly refused to contact our tour operator from Profi, which I did feel very disappointing about.
Putting this aside I would have no hesitation on returning next year as the positives outweighed the negative by far.
Food this year however was worse than last year but we still found enough to eat.

Ski traveller


from UK, 30 December 2010, 08:02

5 5 5 5 5 Overall
4 4 4 4 Staff
5 5 5 5 5 Rooms
4 4 4 4 Food
4 4 4 4 Fun
Comment: We stayed in march 4 star it was ok booked late for xmas /new year only 3 star left this is the stair well left of reception avoid at all cost this is right above the bar it is noisey smokey and dirty 2nd night we had our door smashed in by drunken louts who continued to shout and swear for 30 mins the night staff did nothing, this was much the same everynight with noise and disturbance, the hotel manager said there was nothing she could do, to be fair our balkan rep Elizabeth did what she could but she does not own the hotel, we had a smell of sewerage everytime they pulled the chain in the rooms above, once again all the hotel did was put duck gel in the toilet we even had dried blood on our duvets, not changed all week the pool is freezing and very slippery, this was my 5th time in borovets and I love the place but please stear clear of staying 3 star in this hotel. ps the snow inn run by Zac paul and mikael is good and friendly.

James Goodwill


from Uk, 17 March 2010, 22:58

4 4 4 4 Overall
4 4 4 4 Staff
4 4 4 4 Rooms
3 3 3 Food
4 4 4 4 Fun
Comment: I wanted to learn to ski and so my focus was on the ski school. I chose the hotel on the basis of price. It turned out to be a good choice. In Borovets there are a few large hotels, the biggest is the Rila which is in front of the main nursery slopes where several of the main runs also end. The Iglika is just behind it. You get your rental skis from the Rila. We could be on the snow 15 minutes from leaving the hotel, just a couple of minutes to walk to the depot and once kitted out a couple of minutes to the snow. The hotel was basic but everything worked. Low pressure service which I liked and the food was fine. It is Bulgarian international so if you only wanted British food you might not like it but eggs, beans, bacon and fried bread for breakfast was not chalenging and there was always some sort of meat, veg and chips for dinner plus other things. We were there for New Year and the hotel put on a good table service meal but the best thing was the fireworks on the Rila. No sign of H&S just a lot of fireworks from all over the balconies and everywhere else. As I said I came to learn to ski and the ski school were very good although the nursery slopes were crowded due to a lack of snow on many of the runs. I travelled with my daughter who is a good intermediate, she enjoyed the challenge of skiing on ice but next time we will look for more certain snow. If you can travel when you want and can come when there is good snow this would be ideal. One thing is we had a superior room which was worth it, had a bath. I think the standard rooms have a wet room whicch is fine but a bath was nice.