The town of Sandanski (population 27 631) is located at an altitude of 224 m in the skirts of the Pirin Mountain, along Sandanska Bistritsa river. The resort's climate is unique. The mineral springs turn it into a resort of international significance. Throughout the year, local temperatures are higher than inland temperatures - the annual average being 14.7 °C. Winters are mild and short, autumns long and warm. The town of Sandanski is famous for the best natural public health service for bronchial asthma in Europe and a multitude of mineral springs. The resort is recommended for healing of chronic non-specific pulmonary diseases, chronic rhinitis, sinuitis, neurological complaints, allergic skin diseases, some kidney and urological diseases. The temperature of the mineral springs varies between 33 C and 83 C. The town hosts the annual “Pirin folk” festival in the beginning of September .
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