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It is situated in the town of Tryavna, the geographical centre of Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkan Mountains. Modernly equipped and stylish, the hotel offers maximum comfort both for holding company events and for recreation.

The hotel is designed to respond to the high requirements for holding corporate events of contemporary type – conferences, seminars, trainings, symposia, and team building events. Available for the guests are six general, modernly equipped, multifunctional conference halls, two restaurants, a lobby bar and a relaxation area with a fitness gym, massage parlour, saunas and a jacuzzi.

Kalina Palace Hotel**** in Tryavna is the best place to rest – an impressive view to the Balkan Mountains, crystal-clear air and perfect weather conditions. All of this is complemented by the charm of the town of Tryavna that has preserved its authenticity, and by the nearby complexes Bozhentsi, Etara and numerous monasteries.


The town of Tryavna is situated in the geographical centre of Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkan Mountains, in the valley of the Tryavna River, at 440 metres above sea level.

The town lies at an equal distance from the capital Sofia and the second largest city – Varna – 245 km, and 170 km from the city of Plovdiv. Because of the clean mountain air, curative for pulmonary and other diseases, Tryavna is a favourite resort of many Bulgarians. The evergreen vegetation, venerable forests and the clear waters are very attractive for the tourists. In addition to the nature, the town takes pride in and attracts visitors with its restored houses from the National Revival period, the picturesque street of crafts, where woodcarving, masonry, pottery and icon painting are presented in their authentic form. Galleries for modern art have also found their place among the workshops.

Address: 15 Panorama str.
Overview: The Hilez hotel offers 15 double rooms, six of which with additional beds, and 9 bedrooms, all of which furnished according to the latest interior design trends and come with en-suite bathrooms, satellite TV, internet, telephone, air conditioning and central heating.
Location: Hilez Hotel is situated in the central part of the town of Tryavna, central Bulgaria, very close to the towns of Gabrovo, Dryanovo and Veliko Tarnovo.
Address: 17 Stara Planina str.
Accommodation: 15 double rooms, 9 bedrooms
Overview: The Seasons Hotel was founded in the beginning of the year 2002. It attracts whit modern and individual architecture. The hotel lies next to a pine forest and is located at just a five minutes walk distance from the town centre.
Location: Tryavna town is situated in the Central Balkan mountains, in the ideal centre of Bulgaria, at the equal distance from Sofia and Varna - 250 km, at a distance of 170km from Plovdiv, 220 km from Bourgas and 130 km from Rousse. Tryavna town is situated at 440 m above sea level. Thanks to its excellent climate conditions the town was officially declared as a mountain recreational center in the first half of the 20th century.
Address: 11 Kancho Skorchev Str.
Accommodation: 65 double rooms, 3 suites