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Overview: Anna-Kristina Hotel is the most luxurous and stylish hotel in Vidin. The building is an architectural and cultural monument, recently reconstructed and turned into a magnificent hotel.
Location: Anna-Kristina Hotel is situated of the beautiful river-park in the town of Vidin, just a couple of minutes away from the city center.
Address: 2 Baba Vida str.
Accommodation: duoble rooms, apartaments, VIP Suites
Overview: Hotel Dunav offers comfort and convenience in each of the rooms, furnished with bold designer’s decisions. Hotel Dunav is centrally located in the town of Vidin. The town of Vidin is located in the lowest terrace of Vidin valley along the river Danube (north-west Bulgaria). It is located at a distance of 199 kilometer north-east from Sofia. The town is an important administrative center and seaport on the River Danube bank.
Address: 3 Edelvays str.
Overview: Hotel Neptune in town. Vidin is the first and only hotel in the city, which offers a rich range of spa services, indoor swimming pool, steam bath, sauna, gym. The hotel has wonderful view to the river Danube. It appears the delights of the panoramic view of the river and Danube bridge 2. The hotel has restaurant, lobby bar, panoramic and passenger elevator and 23 boutique rooms. Achieved is a pleasant atmosphere with bright and warm colours of the interior design and furniture. We offer incredible comfort, comfort and relaxation.
Location: Hotel Neptune Vidin is situated in the central town of the city of Vidin, which makes it convenient for all the guests of the city. Extremely close to all administrative centres, bus station, railway station, River station.
Address: 8 Dunavska str.
Overview: Refined, tasteful, comfortable... ... This is only a small part of the definitions, describing the newly opened and completely renovated "Rovno" Hotel. With the first step inside, you will plunge into the friendly atmosphere that the intelligent and discreet service provides with the only purpose to make you feel as if you were at home. No matter if you are our guest for just a while or for a longer holiday, the power and the wisdom of the tradition along with the soft murmuring of the Danube river - an unaltered part of the view which reveals from each one of our rooms, will make you come back again and again...
Location: is conveniently positioned, at a communicative and easy accessible place from all entrance thoroughfares of the town, in close proximity to the Danube River as well as to the cultural and historical landmarks.

Address: 70 Tzar Alexander II Str
Accommodation: 22 SGL rooms, 24 DBL rooms, 4 apartments